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Druk-Yul, the Land of the peaceful Thunder Dragon with an area of approx. 38,400 sq. km, the country known to the world as Bhutan, lies in the heart of the vast Himalayas.
After centuries of self imposed isolation, Bhutan opened its doors to the outside world, unveiling the shroud of mystery and mysticism that had surrounded it for long. Bhutan is a paradise in wilderness with gleaming razor peaks of the mighty Himalayas forming its backbone in the north, a warm climate that emphasizes its affinity with India in the south, and lush green valleys with rock-cragged hills at the center. Unraveled by time, Bhutan’s society still maintains a strong link with the past and continues to be deep-rooted in tradition which is protected with great pride by its people. Aged-old beliefs and customs play a very important role in the bhutanese way of life. Bhutan’s pristine natural environment teeming with undisturbed wildlife make it enchanting tourist destination. The state religion of Bhutan is the Drukpa Kagyupa sect of Mahayana Buddhism. Buddhism has played a vital role in shaping the history of the nation and life of people whose deep faith in this religion is clearly reflected in their way of life. Religion monuments and symbols can be seen throughout Bhutan, from the most densely populated valley to the remote mountains. Prayer flags are even more common. Every village has monasteries and temples which are preserved preciously by the community. Monks are held in great respect and play an active role in community life. After Buddha, another Indian saint called Padmasambhava is considered an important religious figure in Bhutan. Many temples and monasteries associated with Padmasambhava were built and are preserved with profound faith. In 1616, a highly respected Drukpa Lama named Nawang Namgyel came to Bhutan from Tibet and made remarkable changes. He consolidated the authority of the Drukpa sect throughout the country and set up an administrative system as well as established the modern Bhutanese calendar. The colourful people of Bhutan are mainly of three ethnic groups. The sharshops (easterner), The Ngalops (westerners) and Lhotsampa (southerners). With the dense forest, high mountains and thick vegetation forming their natural habitat, the people of Bhutan are naturally well-built and hard working. Contrary to their tough physical looks, they are peace and fun loving. Bhutanese people still live in small villages on riverbanks or gently sloping hills, overlooking terrance fields and pastured lands. Wth a rich heritage of culture and tradition, these people live in harmony with nature and the environment. With the tremendous pace of development, urbanization has set in and modern goods are available in almost all the important cities and towns. As a result, the Bhutanese way of life is now changing but much of the country’s culture and tradition still continue to guide its people. Bhutan can be visited by air with the national flight – Druk-Air Lines from Bangkok, Delhi, Kolkata, and Kathmandu. It is possible to visit by overland from Siliguri, Darjeeling and Sikkim of the west Bengal sate of India to Phuntsholing the Border town of Bhutan in the south.

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