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The Chelela Pass at 3988 meters separates Paro and Haa valley. It is one of the highest motor able passes in the country. Traces of animism culture still prevail and mountain passes across the country are considered sacred and often marked with a Buddhist stupa and colorful prayer flags. The 35 kilometer drive from Paro to the highland is ideal for a day excursion. If the weather permits, tourists can catch a spectacular view of the Mount Jomolhari and the Paro valley.

From Chelela, tourists can continue west and descend to explore the Haa valley or return to Paro. From the pass, there is a hiking trail along the ridge. Tourists will experience another 500 meter elevation through the course of the hike. Tourists will also come across exotic flowers including Blue poppies and yak herds depending on the season of travel. The hike will peak at a sky burial spot from which hikers can both choose to return or descend to Kila Gompa nunnery and complete the trail.