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The semi nomadic people known as brokpas inhabit the merak village. The village is situated in the eastern region of Bhutan at an altitude of 3500 meters. It has a settlement of about thirty households. The region is also known as the valley of Yeti (the abominable snowman). Locals claim the existence of this mythical creature although no scientific evidence is available to substantiate their claim. The highlanders sustain their lives raising yaks and sheep. Fermented yak cheese is a delicacy in the region. Brokpas either barter or sell their limited produce to procure other basic needs. The brokpas have a distinct culture. They have their own dialect and a unique outfit. Men wear a thick red wool coat and women wear a red and white striped dress. Men are further adorned with animal skins.

Mornings in this village are sublime. The village remains covered in the mist. Locals build fire to keep themselves warm against the chilly morning. A hearty breakfast is served with a yak butter salted tea by the fire. This experience is a true getaway from the modern world.