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Paro Rinpung Dzong is built atop a hill overlooking the Paro valley across the Pa Chhu River. As tourists exit the Paro International airport and approach the Paro town, this majestic fort imposes its commanding presence. The 17th century architectural marvel is the seat of Paro district administration and the state monk body. Every spring on the 10th day of the second lunar month, thousands of people from across the country and tourists will congregate at the open courtyard of this fort to witness the popular mask dance festival known as the Paro Tsechu.

The Dzong is approached by a traditional cantilever bridge roofed with wooden shingles and onto a gently sloping cobblestone path leading towards the Dzong. The Fort has a five storied central tower and open courtyard enclosed by high rising walls that complete the exterior block. A closer inspection to the structural aesthetics of the fort, tourists can see the spectacular traditional woodwork design and paintings that glorify this ancient fort. The central tower houses the shrine of the guardian deities.